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Indulge and invigorate your body, mind and soul at RESET. Penrith’s premium recovery studio offers a complete wellness ritual that combines an ice bath, spa, sauna and steam room with the option to move between these therapies as you see fit.

Like it’s namesake, this circuit is specially designed to reset your body, to take a step away from your daily grind and give yourself up to disconnecting for a short while.

Each part of the circuit is formulated to obtain the best health benefits for you and leave you feeling refreshed.

Amongst the iridescent teal tiles and marble tubs, RESET is all about relaxing in exquisite surrounds for that well deserved moment of stillness. Visit solo, or with a group of like minded friends as a healthy dose of luxury is a prescription that surely is necessary.

We advise that before booking please make sure you don't have any open wounds, are diagnosed with poor circulation, or are feeling any cold and flu symptoms.

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Reset Recovery Studio


Reset Recovery Studio is on the top floor of the newly established Astina Suites Penrith.

The entire Recovery Studio has a gorgeous north facing environment with floor to ceiling windows throughout.

A standard circuit of the wellness studio includes 50 minutes to move between ice baths, spa, sauna and steam room. The studio can accommodate up to 6 guests at a time.

$50 / 50min session

21-25 Woodriff Street, Penrith NSW 2750

+61 2 4731 1777

What to bring:
What to expect:
You will be provided with a bath robe, slippers and towel and it is expected that you would wear either swimwear, loose fitting clothing or other lightweight breathable appropriate clothing.

Hotel - Techno Gym

Exclusive to hotel patrons, our techno gym machines, is filled with natural lighting, rolling and stretching mats and equipment, free weights and relaxing views.